We stellen de medewerkers van Team Ilonaswebgems graag aan je voor en stellen hen allemaal dezelfde 8 vragen. Dit keer een mini-interview met Zarreen.

Vertel kort iets over jezelf

Hi All! My name is Zarreen, I am 19 years old and I come from Dublin, Ireland. In 2014, I made a major leap and decided to move to The Netherlands. At that stage, I was just finished highschool. The fact that the opportunity arised was amazing because I knew I didn’t want to go straight into college. Instead, I wanted to take a year off to explore my options and to think about what I wanted to do – and what a better place to do that than abroad! Considering I couldn’t speak any Dutch it was very hard for me to find a job, especially in the small town that I moved to – Putten.

Of course, everything was also new for me and I didn’t know many people, so I wanted to settle in first. After a couple of months of trying out different things, I knew it was time to be productive and find a secure job. It was almost 6 months later that someone I knew was reading the newspaper and spotted a job advertisement of Ilonaswebgems. They called me over to have a look at it but I couldn’t even read/understand what it said! I timidly sent an email to the one stated on the advertisment, and only in a matter of days was I asked to come for an interview. So, that’s how it all started!

Hoe lang werk je al bij Ilonaswebgems?

Ilonaswebgems decided to give me this opportunity on the 1st of December 2014. Since that day, I wanted to work as much as I could. There was a lot to learn, especially in a completely foreign language! But it was for that reason that I can speak Dutch today. Eventually, a couple of days a week became full time and the day-to-day operations in the office became second nature to me. During my time at Ilonaswebgems.

I was of course still occupied with the thought of what I wanted to do once my gap year had ended. Going to college was always at the top of my list, but trying to find courses in english, making numerous applications and figuring out what I really wanted to study in a different country was challenging.

Though, I am happy to say that I am now studying International Business and Management Studies in Amsterdam. It was then that I had to say goodbye to the full time part I played at Ilonaswebgems. Since college has begun, I have been looking after Ilonaswebgems book keeping and translating anything Ilonaswebgems needs translated from Dutch to English.

Hoe ziet je gemiddelde werkdag bij Ilonaswebgems eruit?

Once in a blue moon is there a quite day behind the scenes at IlonasWebgems! Everyday, I would start at 9am in the morning and finish again at 17:30 that evening, with a “gezellig” lunch break in between. The average daywould start with pinting out the iDeal invoices and assembling each order with great care.

Then, we would move onto the orders made via bank transfer (iDeal Payments always had priority). We would then pre-pack any orders that have been made, but not yet paid. Once the bulk of the orders were out of the way, we would each be assigned our own task.

These inluded the likes of taking photos of new items, editing them, placing new items on the website, organizing the website, looking after emails, providing customer service, packing in orders, preparing the post and other little tasks. During this, orders would continue to fly in. Every so often we’d have to stop what we’re doing to attend to these orders and make sure they make it to the packing room before 17:00!

Wat vind je het allerleukst om te doen bij Ilonaswebgems?

I always really enjoyed taking pictures and editing them. Photography is something by Ilonaswebgems. I have experience in and something I would still like to pursue. At Ilonaswebgems i have fune on  a daily basis!

Wat vind je minder leuke werkzaamheden bij Ilonaswebgems?

I enjoyed everything, exept counting tiny little beads and putting them into little bags of 10, 20 or even 50 pieces – it was very tidious! Also, even though my command of Dutch at that time was reasonable enough, I hated having to answer the phone because I wasn’t confident in my language skills and didn’t want to put customers off.

Wat maakt het werken bij Ilonaswebgems zo leuk?

I suppose the sense of team work and the fact that you’re always kept busy! Also, being surrounded by beautiful beads and always in touch with enthusiastic clients was nice too.

Heb je zelf ook buiten Ilonaswebgems ‘iets’ met edelstenen en/of sieraden (maken)?

Not really. When I started at Ilonaswebgems I had no experience with jewelerry or beads. Though, it grew on me very fast. I started to learn about all the possibilities they bring. I even started to attempt to make my own! Being surrounded by them every day brought so many ideas.

Wat zijn je favoriete edelsteen kralen bij Ilonaswebgems?

I think Fire Agate (vuuragaat). Its just stunning and so unique. Ilonaswebgems always brought a lot back from her trips to Asia, always the best ones too!

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